The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is designed to assist students in reaching their academic goals by gaining college credit for knowledge acquired in previous non-credit studies, or outside a traditional classroom setting. CLEP exams are published and scored by the College Board. For further information on the CLEP program, visit the College Board’s website.

Many colleges and universities — including UIC — grant credit for performance on CLEP exams in one or more subject areas. Policies on the granting of CLEP credit are set by the individual college or university, and vary widely from one institution to another. Students already enrolled at a college or university should begin, in most cases, by consulting with an academic advisor to find out which, if any, CLEP exams they may be eligible to take. Students not yet enrolled should consult with admissions officials at the school(s) to which they are considering applying for admission.

Note: UIC does not offer CLEP testing in any foreign language for UIC students.

CLEP Exam Fee
Effective July 1, 2018, the CLEP exam fee will be $87. All candidates must pay the $87 CLEP exam fee in advance using the My Account feature on the CLEP website. The CLEP pre-paid voucher must be presented on the day of testing. The Administration Fee is $25 for UIC students and $35 for non-UIC students.

Please Note: The administration fee must be made by check or money order. Cash, debit, and credit cards will not be accepted as a form of payment for the administration fee.

Applying for CLEP Credit as a UIC Student
The first thing you need to know is that there is nothing automatic about getting credit for a CLEP exam . Some students are eligible for credit on some exams, but not all students are eligible, and not all CLEP exams are accepted for credit at UIC. The issue of whether or not you are eligible for CLEP credit is decided either by your College advisor, or by one of the UIC departments. For a list of CLEP exams which may be accepted for credit at UIC, click here . Though it is not an absolute requirement, you are strongly advised to obtain credit authorization before taking your CLEP exam(s), so that you don’t waste valuable time, effort, and money on an exam for which you may not be able to obtain UIC credit. We will be happy to administer any CLEP exam for which you are properly registered, but we cannot forward your score report(s) to the proper office without your completed Credit Authorization form(s), and there will be no refund of your fees if you later find out that you cannot obtain UIC credit. You can obtain CLEP Credit Authorization forms at the Office of Testing Services in the Student Services Building. We will keep your original Credit Authorization forms in our files. When your CLEP scores arrive, we will forward them to the authorizing official named on your form, along with the original of the authorization form itself. We will also keep copies of the score report and the authorization form for our records. The actual posting of credit is done by the Office of Admissions and Records after a formal recommendation for credit is sent from the relevant College or departmental office — inquiries regarding this process should be directed to the appropriate College or departmental office.

To register for the CLEP exam as a current UIC student, Download the CLEP Packet Here and take it to your Academic Advisor or stop by the Office of Testing Services in SSB 1070, and pick up a copy of the CLEP Information and Registration packet. It contains Credit Authorization forms, along with information about testing dates and fees. If you are trying to meet any sort of deadline for the posting of credit, be sure to make the official authorizing your CLEP credit aware of this at the time the form is completed.

If you are not YET a UIC student
Before registering for any CLEP exam, consult with an Admissions Counselor at the UIC Office of Admissions; you can meet with a Counselor in person at their offices in the Student Services Building, or call for information at (312) 996-4350. Let the Counselor know what your admission status is (e.g. not yet applied, applied but not yet accepted, etc.), your previous college experience (if any), your intended field of study, and what you would like to accomplish through CLEP testing.

CLEP for Non-UIC Students
The Office of Testing Services administers the CLEP exam to non-UIC students. It is the responsibility of the student to verify if their institution will accept the CLEP score. The cost to proctor the CLEP exam is $35.00 and is payable by check or money order on the day of testing. All candidates must pay the $87 CLEP exam fee in advance using the My Account feature on the CLEP website. The CLEP pre-paid voucher must be presented on the day of testing. If you are interested in our CLEP proctoring service, please call (312) 996-0919 to schedule an appointment.