Placement Testing

Program Overview
All First Year students and most transfer students entering UIC are required to take one or more placement tests prior to the beginning of their first semester of study. Testing requirements vary depending upon a student’s college and major course of study. First year students must complete their required placement tests prior to signing up for Orientation.

The purpose of placement testing is to assist students and their academic advisors in the selection of the most appropriate beginning courses in each of four subject areas — mathematics, academic writing, chemistry, and foreign languages.

Placement tests are administered to newly-accepted incoming students prior to the beginning of their first semester of study. These administrations are conducted on-line and are free of charge.

Results of tests taken are made available to students during Orientation. Because placement tests are prerequisites for many UIC courses — and because the more popular classes are sometimes filled well before the semester begins — we recommend that students take their required placement tests at the earliest possible date.