Test Scoring

Welcome to the Test Scoring Service. The Test Scoring Service is a service program offered by the OVCSA. We are a division of the Office of Testing Services. We operate our department’s optical scanner. Besides using this scanner to machine-score our own exams, we welcome faculty requests for test scoring and related services that can be accommodated using this equipment. Blank scantrons for exams can be picked up in the office as well.

The capabilities and limits of the optical scanner determine the form these services take. In general, your students mark their responses to your multiple-choice questions on special forms called answer sheets. The answer sheets must be completed using #2 pencil . We provide two general purpose answer sheets that accommodate most testing needs. Your test questions must be provided to your students at the time of the exam on a separate piece of paper which you yourself prepare – our general purpose answer sheets do not contain space to have questions printed on them. Once your students have completed the answer sheets, return them to us for processing. A more detailed set of instructions for submitting exams will be provided to you when you pick up your answer sheets. ( Note : you must use the answer sheets provided by our office. Sheets from other sources won’t be compatible with our scanner. Or won’t be compatible without special programming. Special programming requires several weeks lead time, and is billed at an hourly rate.)

We offer individual members of the UIC faculty the three services described below:

You complete a special KEY sheet to indicate the correct answer to each item. We run your KEY and answer sheets through the scanner to obtain the scores. Scores are printed directly on each student’s answer sheet. ACCURACY is our top priority.

In addition to scoring, we also offer a test analysis

The scanner can also be used to transfer any data collected on our answer sheets to fixed-length ASCII files on your own flash drive. This eliminates time-consuming, manual data-entry for exam scores, research data, surveys, and evaluations. Call for details.

Course Evaluations
The General Course Evaluation Program is offered to UIC departments to have the Test Scoring office both scan their evaluations and print their course evaluation reports for them. Please contact the Test Scoring Office for more information.

Location: Office of Testing Services SSB Room 1086
Phone: 312-996-5094
Regular Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm
No service from: 12-1:15pm