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Testing Exemptions

Academic Writing Students are not required to take the Academic Writing placement test if UIC has an official score for one of the following: ACT English score of 27 or higher; OR SAT Evidence-Based Reading + Writing score of 630 or higher; OR AP English Language & Composition with a score of 3-5; OR IB English Language A: Language and Literature Higher or Standard Level with a score of 6-7. Such students should consult with an Academic Advisor from the UIC Undergraduate College into which they plan to enroll for course selection in Academic Writing. Transfer students who have completed at least one semester of college–level Academic Writing/English Composition are not required to take the Academic Writing placement test. This test is expected to take 2-4 hours to complete. After 4 hours, the test will close and no further updates can be made. The essay test includes three steps (reading, planning, and writing); each are expected to take 30-60 minutes. Those are only suggestions and there are no minimum times for each step. A brief survey follows after the test, which is expected to take about 5-10 minutes to complete.
Chemistry Transfer students who have completed one full year of college level General Chemistry course are not required to take the Chemistry placement test. If you meet this requirement you should consult with the UIC Chemistry department for course selection in Chemistry.
Foreign Languages Students who have no prior knowledge of the language, except Spanish, and plan to study a foreign language at UIC are not required to take the placement test for that language. In most cases, such students will be allowed to register for the 101 level class in their chosen language. All students who want to take Spanish must take the placement test regardless of prior knowledge.
Mathematics If a student is awarded transfer credit for Pre-Calculus (Math 121) or Calculus (Math 180) by UIC, they are eligible to enroll in any course requiring these courses as a prerequisite without taking the ALEKS Placement Exam.